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About Us

PeakFit Strength & Conditioning began with LaMonte Reed as One-On-One Personal Training. LaMonte began his fitness journey in the army where he established discipline, dedication and strong motivational skills. He believes successful fitness and health start in the mind. One has to change his or her way of thinking before the body, health or performance will change. This belief that fitness is a mind and body connection compelled him to obtain a B.A. in Psychology and further his career as a fitness coach. As a result of his diligence and 15 plus years of fitness and sports experience, in 2007 PeakFit Strength & Conditioning was born.

PeakFit is a Strength & Conditioning facility that trains movements, not muscles. Functional training is  considered to be squatting, pushing, pulling, etc. These movements are primary methods of choice due to their effectiveness in everyday life and activities for everyone from athletes, teachers and police, to moms and kids. Our primary goal at PeakFit is to enhance performance and improve ones quality of life.  Most of the coaches have college degrees in a related field with the highest level of nationally recognized certifications. We offer group classes, personal training (one-on-one and semi-private) Boot Camp, kids fitness, boxing and weight loss challenges.

CSCS, NSCA, ACE, CrossFit Level I, Olympic Weightlifting